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Youruterus is a place of


Unfortunately your uterus is also responsible for

memories of the past!

It's filled to the brimof emotions, ofpackaging,ofbeliefs who doesn'tnot belong. 

From memories ofsexual relations past. 

And it influences youremotions, your way ofthinkand yourCREATIVE POTENTIAL.

THEdoubts, THEfears, THEfrustrations, THEanger of the past act in a wayunconscious through you

and repeat the same situations over and over again while limiting who you are. 


Développer la relation au sacré en soi pour des relations de qualitées (Publication Instag

Your uterus is not a place to store pain or stories from the past.


The past, thank you very much but now something new awaits you! 



You have the tendency to makemini burnout, to be in the " TO DO "but you would like to have more space to live your spirituality in your daily life. 

You have started to connect to the sacred feminine but you don't really experience it in your daily life and in your BODY. 

You don't really understand why one day "everything is possible", and one day you are capable of nothing. You have peaks of energy, or big bouts of sluggishness. 

I felt all this for a long time  and then I discovered a new way of living one's femininity: by connecting to one's body, to one's nature and to one's spirituality.

Stop functioning on a male model,
reconnect your body, 
and reclaim your feminine power!

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The “Cyclic Woman” program is an initiation path to awakening the different planes of one’s being.



For 3 months, you will discover the potentialof  your cycle, and draw on its feminine energies And masculine to find aconsistency in your life.  


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187 euros per month


Ready to find
your vital energy
and your creative impulse?


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