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Uterine detox


Do you tend to devalue yourself, or lack self-confidence ?

Do you feel the emotions of others strongly?

Are you overwhelmed by your emotions or on the contrary completely cut off from them?

Do you have trouble taking action , as if something is holding you back but you don't know what?


They come from your mother, grandmother, grandfather etc. and you carry them within you!

These transgenerational memories are stored in your uterus.

All these emotions come from transgenerational memories that do not belong to you.

memories of the past!

It's filled to the brim of emotions, of packaging,of beliefs who doesn't not belong. 

From memories of sexual relations past. 

And it influences youremotions, your way ofthinkand yourCREATIVE POTENTIAL.

THEdoubts, THEfears, THEfrustrations, THEanger of the past act in a wayunconscious through you

and repeat the same situations over and over again while limiting who you are. 

Develop the relationship with the sacred in oneself for quality relationships (Publication Instag

Your uterus is a place of

Your uterus is not a place to store pain or stories from the past.


The past, thank you very much but now something new awaits you! 



You have the tendency to makemini burnout, to be in the " TO DO "but you would like to have more space to live your spirituality in your daily life. 

You have started to connect to the sacred feminine but you don't really experience it in your daily life and in your BODY. 

You don't really understand why one day "everything is possible", and one day you are capable of nothing. You have peaks of energy, or big bouts of sluggishness. 

I felt all this for a long time  and then I discovered a new way of living one's femininity: by connecting to one's body, to one's nature and to one's spirituality.

Stop functioning on a male model,
reconnect your body, 
and reclaim your feminine power!

Ancre 1

The “Cyclic Woman” program is an initiation path to awakening the different planes of one’s being.


Module 1

Understanding women's cycles

Module 2


Understanding trans-generational memories and their consequences on our beliefs, fears, inabilities to act.

Module 3

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Practical explanation of detox and its 4 technical points.

Module 4

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practice of breathwork associated with body movements, visualization and energy care

Module 5

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Post detox advice


Herbal bath rituals


Preparing your lunar water

Programming your water with your intentions and the energy of the moon to anchor new systems.


The detox is designed to be practiced for 1 month but you have access to all the videos for 6 months


47 euros

They talk about it...


"A lot of tears during meditation then a few minutes later, something that happens very, very rarely to me,

I had hiccups.

Now I have a feeling of lightness in my diaphragm, as if a weight had been lifted.

Thank you for this very strong program"


Laura Flaux program speaker

Uterine detox allowed me to circulate and release survival memories .

I have this feeling of reclaiming my body and what I deeply am.

It allowed me to reconnect with my power and my deep desires .

I can deploy new things while respecting what I feel.

It's gently re-adjusting inside me.

It allowed me to return to my sovereignty and experience internal security .

By transmuting this survival system, I can taste the power of the energy of life .

Reconnecting to my uterus allows me to tune into the cycles of life.

Laura Flaux (nervous system regulation guide)


Ready to find
your vital energy
and your creative impulse?


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