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What do I mean by that ... 

I hated this word for a long time ...  very American ... new age ... overrated ... It didn't resonate with who I was ... At the same time, what I am offering is not therapy.  So I have  selected  the accompanying term. And then I decided to get out of  my preconceived ideas ... Coaching is still more funky than accompaniment! You choose !

How do I see coaching?  

With me no challenge, no challenge ... I support you, help you perceive, feel, discern, sort, find new perspectives, understand your inner world, connect you with your aspirations.  We create together with the moment. TO  from empathetic listening, I guide you on the way  of the  self-consciousness. I  helps you find  your references and resources  internal, to contact  your "Interior Captain",  and  to follow your dreams smoothly.  

Slack coaching

Enjoy the outdoors
  • Are you in a moment of doubt, loss of bearings, loss of momentum?  

  • Can't you take a step back on what's happening to you?

  • Don't you know if you are on the right road or if you need to change lanes?

  • Is it confused in you? Is it heckling? You no longer know which way to take the problem (if there is really a problem ..)?

  • Too many emotions? Need to sort it out? Or on the contrary,   no emotion .. electro-emotional flat? Need to feel  life again?  

  • You need lighting, support to find the joy of walking  ?  

After this coaching you will have:

  • learned  to perceive and embrace what is going through you.

  • created  space inside you to accommodate what needs to be

  • acquired  the keys to listening to yourself to create projects that are linked to your deep nature.

Together we walk to meet the preciousness of your deep aspiration in this moment.

Here no challenge, no challenges ...  Just welcome, discern, gain height, understand the issues and rediscover your capacity for choice. I accompany you in a deep listening to yourself so that you find your center and the sparkling that is in you.

Video call (zoom) session lasting  1h30, price: 100 euros.  

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