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Vue sur la montagne de la jungle

Why I offer "travel coachings"  ??


Travel has always been part of my life. Alone at 18 in Africa, driven by a thirst for a return to my  primitive roots.  I always took my backpack to roam and  for 7 years now  it has become  a real nomadic way of life. Alone, in a backpack, on horseback, on a bicycle, on foot,  in a mini van ... The Argentinian deserts, the Andean mountains, the African lands, the Bolivian jungle, the Amazon (my deepest initiatory encounter) and then much closer,  the splendor of the Ariège mountains, the hot springs of the Aude, the lessons of the rivers, the high plateaus ... I like to explore the world and myself through the encounter with otherness and  nature. It is through the exploration of nature that I was able to meet my greatest strengths and that I contacted my greatest weaknesses.  with humility.  

This passion for exploration filled me, delighted, amazed, transformed and sometimes pushed me to take departures a little too fast ... A fly away without being rooted, I felt desperately  lost while I was in the heart of what must be magical. Sometimes i judged myself incapable because  my thirst for adventure was still not satisfied (not so easy to think outside the box ...). At other times I felt like I was losing my identity because I had melted into a culture, a way ofunderstanding the world so different from the one I knew. Andthis is it even who allowed me to find me.  

I have so many times  doubt  of the path I had taken ... and so many times had the reward of the plenitude it brought me ...

At the time, I had  I didn't understand what I was really looking for, what need I was trying to satisfy, I had not figured out what deeply animated me. Today, I continue to nurture this existential quest with more peace and harmony within me. The great outdoors are still there and I know how to savor them much more intensely.  

After all these years of traveling, I am keen to use my experiences  and facilitate  the path for those who have this quest for adventure and self-awareness.

Camping dans les montagnes

Travel coaching 

Desert Road

Travel coaching: "let's go  for adventure "

Enjoy nature

           You feel the call of the road  ? You dream of great adventures? ​ ​


  • The idea of going traveling is stuck in your head, but you don't know where? When ? H ow? Alone) ? With a friend)  ?  


  • Your whole being cries out at you to go on an adventure,  but you feel resistance, fears that hold you back  ?  


  • You wonder if you  looking to discover  other ways of life (living in an eco-place, community, etc.),  new cultures, new horizons ... or you simply thirst for the unknown to  meet yourself,  far from any landmark  ?   


  • You have an artistic, musical, poetic, humanist project ... And you would like to develop it while traveling?  

After  the "adventure coaching"

  • You will have identified  your deep quest.

  • You will have the keys to create YOUR  initiatory journey that fulfills your deepest aspirations.

  • You will leave and live with serenity and enthusiasm your dream adventure.  

  • You will know how to dialogue with your inner world to follow the journey of your soul.  


How's it going ?  

  • During the accompaniments, we take stock of your situation, your impulses, your desires ... We refine ... We discern ... We listen to the parts of you that want, those who doubt, those who want to be careful, those who dream of expansion, those who do not know how to do it .. From this listening, I accompany you to make choices, to take the decisions to create your dream trip .. (which can be, be to three pies  from home by signing up for a dance or theater class ... The journey is every moment ....).  

  • What you will NOT find in these accompaniments : what to put in your backpack,   the list of visas, vaccines for your road trip ... All these details, you will find them on full  travel blogs.  

  • Support takes place via zoom by video conference (or skype, whatsapp, messenger, etc.)  last 1h30 at the rate of 100 euros.  

To make an appointment it's here  

Tropical Island View

Travel coaching:

" I lost myself)  on the way... "

" Here we go  but it does not take off "


"No more fuel,  need referral "

nature Explore

                   You've already hit the road and ...  

  • It's not going as you hoped ... 

  • You don't quite know what you are doing there ... Where to continue? Do you want to go home?  Not sure  no more...

  • You doubt and at the same time you know that there is something bigger waiting for you ... 

  • You need a shoulder to lean on to take a step back.


You do you want to live your trip with joy and lightness?  

Through this coaching, I help you  

  • To take a break and  listen to what is going on in you.

  • To find the interior solutions to live the situations of the moment. 

  • To understand what is your quest ... And allow you to access it.  


After travel coaching

  • You will take to the road with a light heart, a curious and happy mind!

  • You will have found the spirit of traveling!

  • You will know which direction to take from listening to your soul  !

T arif: 1h30 of coaching, 100 euros (call via zoom, skype, whatsapp ... whatever suits you  the best... ). 

It has sometimes happened to me to find myself on the other side of the world in front of a magnificent landscape without  past  nothing in me.  How to find the intensity that I hoped for  so much coming this far? What was the way to get off the beaten track ...?  

So many times I did not know which direction to take ... continue on the road? But how ? Go home ? Impossible ! I had not yet found what I wanted.

But what did I really want? Outside of beautiful ideas  romantic, for what reasons had I really left?  

Travel requires constant adaptation, everything is unknown. It is often even the reason for the trip: to experience oneself outside the usual landmarks. That  requires great resources. Slack shots inevitably happen. It was during these moments that I learned the most about myself, that I overcame my greatest fears, that I contacted my inner strength and my ability to follow my biggest dreams.  


Through these coaching sessions, I want to support you in these moments so that you quickly find the joy of living your dream adventure, in conscience! 

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