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Art and shamanism


Artistic expression laboratory

Going beyond the boundaries of the known
Open up to new possibilities
Reveal your inner truth through artistic expression

dance ~ cocoa ceremony ~ sacred rituals ~
  live music ~ body art ~ massage ~ painting ~ shamanism ~ excursions  wild ~ vibrational places


Join 12 goddesses who reveal their feminine essence and their magic through their art. 

This retreat is for you if : 

You feel the awakening of the goddess within you and that you wish to vibrate her more powerfully .

You want to develop your connection to the sacred feminine and offer your sensitivity through artistic expression.  

You wish   to dive consciously and deeply into a process of inner transformation to  stimulate new projects related to your true nature.

You have already made a journey of knowing yourself and you wish to radiate your art by being connected to its essence.  ​

Do you perceive a great strength in you, that you feel connected to something bigger than you and you don't know how to express this power?  

You feel in full change of life and that you need to find new inner resources to find new perspectives of life. 

 It is in the heart of the magical island of Ibiza, also called the island of the goddesses that I invite you to an initiatory journey of exploration and expression of your deep nature.
Guided by a feminine wave, far from any conception, from any conditioning, this retreat is a space of inner transformation 
where each woman will find her unique way of expression. 

7 days/

6 nights

Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain)

Charming house in the wild north of the island of Ibiza

Arrival of participants

Sunday June 5, 2022 at 4 p.m. 

Departure of participants

Saturday June 11, 2022 at 10 a.m. 

The island has a powerful feminine energy that will accompany us to reconnect the free woman,  the female artist,  the wild woman, the wise woman, the healer,  the goddess in you. 

Different practices (massage, dance, shamanic rituals, vibrational journey, connection to plants, acroyoga, vocal expression, theatrical games, meditative walk, ceremony of   cocoa )     will nourrish the encounter with oneself.

From new perspectives,  we will draw from our inner earth the creative fire.   The connection to her intuition, to her creative pulse will lead each woman into a unique artistic transformation (painting, land art, music, dance, poetry, theater, sculpture...)


Practices will take place in secret places on the island carefully chosen for their vibratory quality in order to reconnect the wisdom of the goddesses, the beauty of the sirens, the magic of the elements.

The island has a powerful feminine energy that will accompany us to reconnect  the archetype of the wild woman,  the artist, the medicine woman, the wise woman, the healer,  the goddess. 


This retreat will allow you to:  


  • To reconnect with your body, your sensuality and express your femininity in all its dimensions. 

  • Develop your qualities of connection to the subtle planes of nature to draw new resources and inspirations. 

  • Reveal your art and your creativity so that they are a driving force in your life projects.

  • To feel connected to bigger plans and to a group of women who work like you on a path of inner truth. This connection will give you confidence to follow your intuitions and realize buried dreams. 

  • Leave charged with a high vibration to express your sacred dimension in your daily life as a 21st century woman.

𓆃 How is a typical day? 𓆃

    How is a typical day?

Special events of the retreat 

✦ A live music concert (singing circle) with a talented musician from the island will allow us to open our voices and connect as a group to our essence.

✦ A cocoa ceremony.

✦ An evening of celebration (on Friday) to dance on the mythical beach of Benirras to the sound of drums facing the sunset.  


✦ A day in silence to explore the richness of our interiority

At the end of the day, I will dedicate time to accompany you in your individual process if you feel the need.

The retreat will be in French with translation into English or Spanish if needed.