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Sacred woman, anchored woman

A travel  at the heart of feminine consciousness 

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Integrating the sacred feminine into her daily life as a 21st century woman.

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You are a woman and sometimes: 

  • you judge yourself for being inconstant and not knowing how to achieve your goals.  

  •   you have a lot of creativity but you don't know how to make it happen.  

  • you find it difficult to settle down, to find time for yourself to recharge your batteries.

  • at times you have hyper-clear ideas, full of enthusiasm and at other times you can no longer think.  ​

  • at times you love being in touch with your friends, families, colleagues and to others you can't stand anyone anymore. Your entourage does not understand these variations of moods.  


or on the contrary :  

  • you feel cut off from your creativity.

  • you've heard of the female cycle but you don't seem to feel the variations usually described. 


Do you tell yourself that it is not always easy to integrate your spirituality into your relationships, into your family or professional daily life? 

 Listening to and understanding my female cycle allowed me to  connect my feminine power, my emotional intelligence, my relational intelligence, my shamanic connections, my artistic magic, my wisdom as a medicine woman.  

Today I c

The "sacred woman, anchored woman" accompaniment is an initiatory path of self-knowledge through the connection to one's feminine cycle.

Yes as women we are cyclical! Stop trying to be consistent.
Let's integrate our feminine cycle into our daily life to integrate  our spiritual dimension in our daily life.
Our menstrual cycle is a chance to develop our feminine and masculine qualities.

What you will find in this side dish? 

A journey to the heart of the 4 elements (earth, air, water, fire) so that you can incorporate their wisdom into your daily life. 

  • The earth to teach you to take care of your space, your energy, to materialize from who you really are.

  • Air to teach you how to take directions, make choices, sow and organize projects, position yourself. 

  • Water to teach you to be in touch with your emotions, to connect you to a universal energy of love, to a larger plan of yourself. 

  • Fire to teach you how to connect with your creative energy. 

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A journey to the heart of archetypes



  • the enchantress,

  • the witch,

  • the girl

  • the mother

To develop your qualities as a healing woman, a sensual, enterprising woman.  


In this journey to the heart of your cycle:

you will discover how to develop your connection to the spiritual world while organizing your schedule to be more efficient. 

How is the support going?

A journey of connection to your feminine dimension for 4 months , 100% online to allow you to integrate it into your daily life as a woman from the super full moon of June 14, 2022.

One individual coaching per month.

One group coaching per month to allow group reliance practices.

Personalized training through online videos. The videos will be practices (personal development tools, sacred rituals, energy practices).

A facebook group with women to express your progress, your discoveries and be inspired by other women.  

One live per week in the facebook group. Thursday at 11 a.m. where I will be in direct contact with you so that you can ask me your questions and that we develop certain themes together.


What will this support allow you?

Be connected to your emotions without undergoing them.  

Develop your creativity AND anchor it in the material.  

Develop your intuition, your relationships to the subtle worlds. Connect with "the medicine woman" that you are.  

Gain efficiency in your projects. Yes, being connected to your cycle is a time to optimize and make profitable the realization of your projects.  

Have harmonious social, professional and family relationships thanks to an authentic expression of your deep nature.

Assume the powerful woman that you are.  

Develop your sensitive spectrum or make peace with your hypersensitivity.

Reconnect to your body, your sensuality, your beauty. 



Before May 30, 2022

for the first 5 registered  

250 euro/month

After May 30, 2022



290 euro/month

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900 euros  

saving 100 euros

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TAre you ready to join the "sacred women, anchored women" adventure and discover the magic of your feminine cycle?
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"Because the re-connection to the female cycle has become one of the most supporting and initiating things in my life at the moment, and yet I was rather part of the clan of refractories. .. For my part, the click was made, in largely, thanks to the transmissions made by women who had already made the journey in her, and my friend Nathalie Varlet is one of those women who open the way... I can only recommend her support if you wish to activate and form an alliance with these great forces that inhabit you and which become precious companions for a cyclicity rich in multiplicity. "


Laurane Ruaux.

Kundalini yoga teacher, alchemist.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss with me before deciding.



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