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Mur texturé

This course is for you if:

You are a masseur, therapist, body arts professional,  yogic, dancer, or simply a lover of body movement. You wish to complete your activity or your art with a subtle approach to care through movement.

You need to develop your connection to the body because you feel that you need to anchor your extra-sensory perceptions. 

You need to re-connect to your body and you need a subtle approach to gently connect to it. 

You would like to learn a body practice to deepen your relationship with others (couple, friends, family).

You would like to develop your perceptions of the sensitive worlds but you are afraid of not mastering its openings. You feel that an approach   through the connection to the body would allow you the anchoring and the security to open yourself to these worlds gently. 

7 days/

6 nights

Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain)

Charming house in the wild north of the island of Ibiza

Arrival of participants

Sunday June 5, 2022 at 4 p.m. 

Departure of participants

Saturday June 11, 2022 at 10 a.m. 

What is Wuo Tai?

"Wùo Taï is the art of giving what you receive and receiving what you give." Roland Combes

More than just body work, Wùo Taï is a poetry of movement, an adventure of the mind that skilfully combines the precise and therapeutic world of osteopathy, the subtle and intuitive world of dance, the wisdom of Thai massage. and martial arts.

A Wùo Taï session is an invitation to a journey of inner exploration. Thanks to joint mobilization, the body is approached in its different spatial dimensions.

Through a subtle conversation with the fascias, an elliptical movement spreads like a wave that releases blockages and opens interior spaces.

The person receiving the treatment is completely passive. 

The treatment is done on the ground on a futon generally with music to guide the flow. 

Mur texturé

What you will find in this course? 

  • Learning a new form of connection to oneself, to the other, to the subtle worlds thanks to an initiation to the practice of Wùo Taï and conscious movement. 

  •   Through the approach of conscious movement and intuitive dance you will explore your sensory world and define your own space. 

  • Through Wùo Taï and the fascia dance you will discover a new way to heal, to touch and to be touched. 

  • A bodily approach that is both technical but above all sensitive qui breaks all mental patterns and invites the practitioner to an inner dance capable of rewriting the patterns of the unconscious.

  • A connection to feminine energy which allows you to develop your ability to listen, receptivity and openness to new forms of energy dances.

  • By developing our sensory magic we will discover how to let ourselves be crossed by a dance of gesture that comes to us from elsewhere.

  • Learning a flow of 8 gestures that will allow you to create your own Wùo Taï sequence.

  • A video support summarizing all the technical key points so that you can continue to practice at home. 

" It is through small doors that open large spaces "
Nathalie Varlet

What this internship can bring you:

- an ability to welcome and listen to your feelings which leads you to a new relationship with your body. 

- refine the connection to your emotional, sensory world and meet new perceptions of yourself, of life. 

- feel your imagination and your creativity by listening to your body.


- discover that stillness and silence are a source of exploration of movement and healing. 

- a new approach to care that you can add to your current practices. 

Friday, December 16, 2022

9 a.m. - 10 a.m.: arrival of participants and check-in

10am/12.30pm: "connecting with your own body, defining your space": introduction to conscious movement, active meditation.  

12:30 p.m./2:30 p.m.: meal

2:30 p.m./6:30 p.m.: get in touch with the world of fascias (practice of Wùo Taï)

7:30 p.m.: meal

Saturday, December 17, 2022

8am/9am: breakfast

9 am / 10.30 am: active body meditation, individual practice of conscious movement. 

10:30 a.m./12:30 p.m.: laboratory of touch and movement. Refine your perceptions and feelings. 

12:30 p.m./2:30 p.m.: meal

2:30 p.m./5 p.m.: travel to the heart of the fascias / Wùo Taï

6/7:30 p.m.: singing circle with Kelly Aura

7:30 p.m.: meal

Sunday, December 18, 2022

8am/9am: breakfast

9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: Wuo Tai

12:30 p.m./2:30 p.m.: meal

2:30 p.m./5 p.m.:  temple of gesture: refining the transition dance between gestures and creating your own flow. 

5 p.m.: end of the course, departure of the participants

The program is subject to change depending on what is most conducive to learning and group energy. 


Marie and Dominique will welcome us in the magnificent gîte " le magnolia" in a green setting in Seine et Marne, 1 hour from Paris.


The cottage is accessible by train from the Gare de l'est.


There will be a scheduled shuttle on Friday morning at 9am and Sunday evening. Participants will be linked for carpooling options. 

The lodge is a place of healing where you can choose different accommodation options (single or shared rooms). 


Our Chef Laurane will delight us with her vegetarian cuisine, creative and inspired by numerous travels. His cuisine is a real journey of awakening the senses.

Mur texturé


Education: 300 euro

Mealfrom Friday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime included: 85 euros 


2 nights in a shared room for 3 to 5 people: 60 euros

2 nights in a single room: 110 euros. 

Total price of the internship in a shared room: 445 euros

Total price of the course in a single room: 495 euros

Registration is validated upon receipt of a deposit of 100 euros. 



Does this course require any prerequisites? Is it necessary to beprofessional  or masseur to come to the course?

There are no technical prerequisites to come.  It is not necessary to be a therapist or a professional. However, it is necessary to want to dive into a MEDITATIVE approach to subtle movement. 

The approach that I propose is an invitation to explore the body through inner silence and stillness so that other forms of language arise. 

Are couples welcome? 

Yes, with great joy. Wùo Taï is a wonderful approach to practice as a couple. 

Is this course mixed? 


Is it possible to stay the night of Thursday evening on site? 

Yes, you will need to put yourself in direct contact with the gîte.



Magical experience to feel my tensions and energy blockages being crossed by Nathalie's healing movement. 
I am very grateful for her love, healing magic, patience, gentleness and professionalism.
Nathalie's healing art is not limited to a massage, it is a multidimensional experience that works on all aspects: physical, emotional, energetic and more...
This is a session where I reconnected with my inner child, bringing to light my darkness and my old memories.
Thank you for leading the way in my healing process through the magic of Wùo Taï with lots and lots of love. Thank you Natalie!!

Francesco Barberini

Thai masseur

manual therapist


I still smile at the idea of this moment experienced during a Wuo Tai discovery workshop. I retain a great presence to myself and an invitation to drop me while welcoming the drop of a partner. The impression of myself massaging myself, of taking care of myself, by extending another's body. An atmosphere of fusion, of a suspended time in which the limits have merged. Thanks !

Fabrice Joly

art therapist

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