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Manual therapy


Wùo Taï






Postural analysis



A manual therapy session is for you if you have:



Energy drop

Mental overload

and emotional


Postural imbalance

Back pain

Low back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica, Muscle tension


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Accident / Surgery


Carpal tunnel syndrome,

Cruciate ligaments, painful shoulders

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Disconnected from your body

You feel dissociated and lack anchoring


Digestive discomfort / Menstrual pain

Constipation, diarrhea,





Loss of equilibrium..

Each organ, each joint has its own rhythm.

Physical pain or symptoms are a sign of disharmony between the physical, emotional and mental levels.

During a manual therapy session, I help the patient find coherence between the different planes of his being.


How does a session go?

After establishing a diagnosis, I use touch and listen to the subtle movements of the body to regain a state of physical, emotional and mental health.

I use different techniques (manual therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, fasciatherapy, energy rebalancing, Wùo Taï) to help the body find its natural rhythm and regain coherence between body and mind .

The session takes place comfortably dressed (joggings, leggings) on a futon on the floor.

Following the session, I advise practices and follow-up treatment if necessary.

Profits :

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Relief from physical pain

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Relaxation, stress release, mental clarity


Emotional release and memories of the past

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Postural and energetic rebalancing


Re-connection to your body

and to his being

Book your Wùo Taï session


Sessions available in Ibiza,
Aix en Provence.


“My session with Nathalie was very surprising, because I was expecting to receive physical treatment for pain.

But in addition to working on the pain, when I really got into therapy, it was much deeper.

I felt that something was opening inside me that I didn't even know existed, and even more that someone could access it in such a way, without using words, just with their touch and their presence.

Not only did I notice it during therapy, but in the following days my energy was different.

It allowed me to connect with myself and be more sensitive to my surroundings.

I am very grateful, it is a very healing experience. "



My skills

I'm specialized in fascia medicine, using my 15 years of clinical experience to help patients rediscover coherence in their lives. 


My background: 


  • Diploma in sports physiotherapy (10 years' experience in top-level sport, Olympic champions, training centers...) 

  • Diploma in orthopaedic manual therapy (Maitland)

  • Diploma in coherent movement and systemic therapy (founded by Berni Garcia) 

  • Training in Hatha yoga, Wùo Taï, energy school (Eivissa), non-violent communication. 

  • Physiotherapist and creator of meditation, yoga and sophrology workshops in prisons. 

  • Initiated into Amazonian shamanic medicine. 

  • Creator of the Art of Healing Movement and the practice of Fascia Movement. 

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“Nathalie gently reveals us to ourselves.

It allows us to be in touch again with this forgotten and authentic part of ourselves.

It’s pure joy!

Gratitude to you Nathalie. "


“A session with Nathalie means discovering a new approach to massage and treatment.

A bubble. A moment of well-being where time stands still.

Nathalie welcomes us into her world with all her kindness and attentiveness.

A beautiful moment for yourself that I warmly recommend. "


What a fabulous moment, a dance, a soft and colorful journey that allowed me to reconnect with my authentic being and my true desires.

Two weeks later I still feel the benefits.

Thank you again Nathalie and I hope to see you soon.


(yoga teacher)

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