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Uterine Detox Pack

  • 60Days
  • 4Steps


As a woman our uterus is our alchemical cauldron our basis of creation. It conceals 1000 treasures, contains our creative capacity, our wild force. It is also responsible for all our old relationships, the memories of our lineage, the traumas of our ancestors. By honoring what you received from your lineages and giving them back what belongs to them, you find space to vibrate your inner fire. Freeing and cleaning your uterus of everything that does not belong to you allows you to re-access your essence and find your creative impulse. In the “uterine detox” pack I will send you a first explanatory video to help you prepare for the practice. The second video is an energetic cleansing meditation that allows you to connect with your uterus and heal it. This meditation is associated with music which allows you a real initiatory journey. The third video “post detox advice” includes a ritual to accompany the practice.


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