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Wùo Taï workshop

Regular classes

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Fascia movement Class

Individual body practise

Each Tuesday 12 pm 

Thursday at 8.30 am

Ibiza ( San lorenzo)

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Wùo Taï Workshop


Next Workshop 

Saturday April 13, 

2.30 pm to 5pm

Ibiza ( San lorenzo)


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“The art of the healing movement”

Develop your relationship to subtle movements throughgh the practice of Wùo Taï. 

Module 1:October 28, 29, 2023

Module 2: January 27, 28, 2024

Module 3:April 13,14, 2024


"Wùo Taï is the art of giving what you receive and receiving what you give." Roland Combes

More than just body work, Wùo Taï is a poetry of movement, an adventure of the mind that skilfully combines the precise and therapeutic world of osteopathy, the subtle and intuitive world of dance, the wisdom of Thai massage and martial arts.

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What is Wuo Tai?

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The practice is based on precise physiological knowledge. The Wùo Tai dances around 6 spheres: the articular system, the myofascial, the visceral (organs), the deep, structural (spinal column) and energetic (meridians) fascia.


Wùo Taï breaks all mental patterns and invites the practitioner to an osteopathic dance capable of rewriting the patterns of the unconscious.


A Wùo Taï session is an invitation to a journey of inner exploration. Thanks to joint mobilization, the body is approached in its different spatial dimensions. Through a subtle conversation with the fascias, an elliptical movement spreads like a wave that releases blockages and opens interior spaces.

A session of Wùo Taï balances the body (bodies) and through relaxation helps to raise awareness of forgotten interior spaces.

The person receiving the treatment is completely passive. 

The treatment is done on the floor on a futon generally with music to guide the flow. 

The workshops are open to ALL. It is a very good complement for masseurs, yogis, dancers, therapists, dreamers... to complete their practice and for anyone who wants to connect to the magic of the body.



Magical experience to feel my tensions and energy blockages being crossed by Nathalie's healing movement. 
I am very grateful for her love, healing magic, patience, gentleness and professionalism.
Nathalie's healing art is not limited to a massage, it is a multidimensional experience that works on all aspects: physical, emotional, energetic and more...
This is a session where I reconnected with my inner child, bringing to light my darkness and my old memories.
Thank you for leading the way in my healing process through the magic of Wùo Taï with lots and lots of love. Thank you Natalie!!

Francesco Barberini

Thai masseur

manual therapist


I still smile at the idea of this moment experienced during a Wuo Tai discovery workshop. I retain a great presence to myself and an invitation to drop me while welcoming the drop of a partner. The impression of myself massaging myself, of taking care of myself, by extending another's body. An atmosphere of fusion, of a suspended time in which the limits have merged. THANKS !

Fabrice Joly

art therapist

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