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Fascia Movement

Weekly lessons

Every Monday at 9 a.m. and Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

Location: near San Lorenzo

Inhabit your body,

finds the link with an organic movement

thanks to a physical and sensory approach!

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Fascia MOVE is much more than just a physical practice; it represents a philosophy of movement that draws on both the biomechanics and physiology of fascia, and the poetic and artistic dimensions of bodily expression.


Les  2 OBJECTIFS de la pratique

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Learn to heal yourself from your physical tensions and pains thanks to your own body movement!

Be your own osteo!


Develop your bodily creativity and your art of movement.


Create your own movement flows and enjoy it!!!

How does a FASCIA MOVE course work?

During the first part of the class , we practice a sequence of movements to become aware of the unity of the body.

We work on the focus of perception and the architecture of movement.

The second part of the course is based on the neuroplasticity of the fascia and invites the participant to create their flow and discover the freedom of organic movement.

The courses have a TECHNICAL and INTUITIVE aspect.

Even though the courses are online, I really adapt the sequence according to the participants.

Nathalie varlet , fascia move, pratique psycho corporelle alliant le yoga, tai chi, chi gong et la danse. Pratique pour libérer ses douleurs de dos et sa créativité à travers le mouvement somatique

What the Fascia movement courses will allow you : 

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Find a Nourishing Internal Movement


Stimulate Intuition and Creativity through Body Awareness


Release physical pain and tension


Reduce stress and boost self-confidence


Rediscover the joy of living in your body

thanks to the unity


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Meet a path to self-healing through fascia medicine!

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1 Class

15 euros


5 classes ( in 3 month )

60 euros


I'm Nathalie Varlet, physiotherapist, manual therapist and body artist. 

An expert in the medicine of subtle fascia movements, my teachings are a fusion between the mechanics of the body and the magic of the soul.

I've created a body-based approach to enable everyone to develop their own movement medicine. 


The Fascia Movement courses are based on 15 years of clinical experience and integrate ancestral movement practices with modern fascia knowledge.

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