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referral coaching


Find your center, your inner compass and make choices with confidence. 

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“Does the path taste like the destination?” Issa Padovani


Do you taste what you're trying so hard to achieve with each step you take? 


The goal of this coaching is to help you find inner space to taste what you seek so much to experience. 


𓆃 You're in a moment where it's heckles, it's upsetting, everything gets tangled up and you can't feel what's right for you anymore. You don't know if you want to cry, scream, collapse, exult or completely shut yourself up. 

𓆃 You're in a life change, you know what you don't want anymore but you don't have the rest yet and it's super uncomfortable. 


𓆃 You know a lot of practices to refocus but there's no more juice. You can't find yourself anymore. You feel that you need another approach, something that allows you to come back to yourself differently and simply. 

𓆃 You are hypersensitive and your social environment no longer resonates with you. You feel like your sensitivity is a problem.

𓆃 Deep inside you know you're on the right path but on the surface it shakes in all directions. You need a space to welcome what goes through you and find some inner space. 

In this coaching I suggest that you take the time to put down everything that is agitated in you.


A time for your inner intensity to find the space to be received by yourself.


I help you find this welcoming capacity within you so that your natural resources reappear. 



𓆃 Find the perception of yourself. 

𓆃 Sort through all your ideas and emotions. 

𓆃 Welcome your deep needs and aspirations and allow you to express them in your projects and relationships. 

𓆃 Find your center, inner clarity and direction for the future. 

Referral coaching is not coaching to boost you, motivate you or give you answers.

It is a space where I help you to welcome what crosses you and to find your interior resources.

I accompany you to walk in consciousness towards yourself.


90 euros

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