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Tailor-made support

100% individual, 100% online. 

𓆃  3 months to find your center and your ability to make choices through the connection to your body.

𓆃  Go back to your roots, find your grounding, your emotional stability, and the pleasure of creating in a conscious relationship with your body. 


𓆃  You are going through a difficult period, it is hectic, you are exhausted and you feel that you are disconnected from your body.


𓆃  You feel that you need to find your body but alone you don't have the energy.

𓆃  You're losing direction, you think from your mind and you know that's not how you're going to make the right life choices. 

𓆃  You already have body practices but you don't know why you no longer enjoy doing them. You need a new approach based on the subtle listening of the movements of your body.  

𓆃  You scatter and you would like to find your center and create from a serene space. 

Do I really need to write a paragraph about the importance of being connected to your body? 

If you are there it is because you know the preciousness of descending into the body and drawing your inspiration there.

  The solutions to your existential questions go through an anchoring in the body. 

Without anchoring, no inspiration, no creation but a lot of dispersion. 

All this you know but you no longer have the guash to do it alone.

Good already you can immediately cut the valve on the part of you who feels guilty for doing nothing or not taking care of his body.

If you don't, then you're missing something.

Maybe a little support to revive you?


Find your roots


That being said, what are we doing to get out of stagnation? 

I suggest that you leave aside the will, the "must", the "I should" to FEEL and become one with everything that goes through you. To return to the body is to trust your nature.

Your body has another temporality than your thoughts, your desires, your emotions. It is much slower. 


Finally leave a space for your emotional and mental world to take BODY. 

Let your feelings guide you rather than your thoughts. 

What do I suggest to get you back on track? 


What does the support include?

​𓆃 1 referral coaching. During this coaching we establish your needs and define a direction so that you find clarity. 

𓆃 3individual sessions of "re-connection to the body" by zoom (once a month).  Body practice session. 

𓆃 A follow-up with a roadmap and practices for the month. I'm creating a platform for you on my site with one practice per month and my advice on body connection rituals. 

𓆃 A follow-up by whatsapp if you have questions about practices. 


 "Re-connection to the body " by zoom (once a month). Physical practice sessions. 

Practices recorded invideos(depending on your specific needs). 

Follow-up with a roadmap practices for the month.

A 100% tailor-made and individual support where I relate to your specific needs.




Session to take stock at the end of three months. 

You can ask me your questions about practices in writing on whatsapp. 

DSC04224 (1)_edited.jpg
What compdoes the re-connection to the body session take place? 

We feel, we feel, we take the time to be present with the moment. 

Through the body I accompany you to let life cross you, to open your channels of percOptions to find the intimate link with the sacred in you. 

During these sessions I rely on instinctive guidance and the practice that is relevant to you in the moment.

Subtle movement, visualization, breathing, grounding, and reconnecting to freedom of movement is the basis of my work.


Live in your body



666 euros

Payment in 1 installment

15 euros saving

227 euros / month

Payment in 3 installments

𓆃 "Inhabit your body" is personalized support and allows you to create a new relationship with your body. 

This is the only support I offer individually. 


𓆃 Do you have any doubts? Do you prefer to do only referral coaching first and then we see together how to continue? 

𓆃 Got a question? I offer you a 20 minute call to exchange 

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