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"Free, Wise and Wild" program  

Reconnect your creative power to realize your projects in connection with your deep nature 

I created  the "Free, wise and wild" program to support women in   reconnect to their  wild nature, to explore the different planes of their  to be  and nature ... towards  a life connected to their inner magic. 

  •    Do you want to stimulate new projects in line with your true nature but you are afraid to dare to take the plunge?

  • You perceive a great force  inside you, you feel connected  to something bigger than you and  you don't know how to contact or express this  Powerful ?  

  • You have already explored different planes of consciousness, you feel the unity of the living but you do not know how to relate to it?  

  • You feel full  of creativity but you don't know how to express it?

  • You perceive that there are different planes of perception of your body and your being  but you don't know how to link to it?

  • You feel connected  to the subtle planes of   nature and you would like to integrate this link into your daily life?  ​

  • You have already made a path of personal and / or spiritual development and you need  security and confidence to explore new perceptions of yourself?  


You need  a take-off runway, a supportive and far-sighted external gaze to deploy  your power  ?   


Do you have the time and energy to invest yourself in a process of profound transformation?


Are you ready)  to commit to 100%  to regain your creative power to live your life as an adventure?  

Here is what the "Free, wise and wild" program will bring you in your life:  


  • You will know you  connect to your perceptual capacities so that they are at the service of the expression of your deep nature, your creativity and the realization of your life projects.

  • You will develop autonomy to create your own rituals with nature and integrate them in a concrete way in your daily life.

  • You will have developed  a listening relationship  mindful and caring with your body and mind.  

  • You will have developed your own channel of connection to the unity of the living and you will know how to connect to it so that it is a support in your everyday life.   

So you will have connected  your creative power to dare to be you, to live the movement of life with lightness.  

The 4 pillars of the "Free, Wise and Wild" Program

1.  Contact your inner freedom. I help you connect to your inner world, to understand the challenges. You will acquire the ability to create spaces that allow you to welcome and understand what is going through you.


2.  Contact your wisdom. I accompany you to recognize the path that you have already traveled, to gain height to discover new perspectives and to acquire a capacity of discernment on what you live, to meet your "interior captain" to have a guidance thanks to an interior reference . I help you to meet your inner wisdom: this space inside you who knows, which is linked to ancestral wisdoms, to the knowledge of the earth.  You will acquire a capacity for action in connection with a deep inner listening.

3. Contact your wilderness. Connect to the sensitive worlds of nature and to the various subtle planes of your being.  This pillar is experiential. During a three-day retreat in immersion in nature, I accompany you to discover the sensitive world of nature. I accompany you to  observe the cycles of nature and truly live the experience of connecting with the elements of nature, of living them in your body. We will use the strength of the rituals with the elements, the connection with the spirit of the plants to support you in your process. You will develop your perceptual qualities, your  connection to the cycles of nature to connect with your inner cycles.

4.  Integration of the experience into your daily life. I will accompany you to  set clear intentions, create rituals to feel the support of nature, use your intuitive guidance to structure your thinking and your plans. You will experience how to live the connection to the subtle world in your daily life.  

Concretely, how does this happen ?  ​

It's a 100% tailor-made program for you. I adapt to your needs.


The whole program is based on experience !!! There is no room for concepts here.  

I accompany you to create and live YOUR own experience in connection with your channels of perceptions.

I like to accompany in joy, gentleness, benevolence, with an energy of play and dance of energies.

With me :

we laugh, we smile, we take  from the height, we dive into the depths, we embrace each other unconditionally,   we play with life, we explore the possibilities,

we dance our nature ...


  we flirt with the sensibility of life, we concentrate but we do not take each other  not seriously, we trust and let ourselves be surprised, we remember how we are sometimes very tall and sometimes very humbly small ...


  we create the magic of the moment with little things, we gently open small doors to have access to  large spaces, we remember how simple life can be if we look at it the right way ...

The program lasts 3  months and  understand  :  

  • A  session of  start to clarify your desires and goals.

  • Training videos  personalized that I send you according to your needs   and what you are experiencing.

  •   Practical exercises  depending on what you're going through at the moment.

  • Coaching sessions (remote video) to your rhythm and your request  to accompany you throughout the adventure.

  • A3-day immersion  in person where I accompany you to contact the subtle world of nature, to develop your own connection to the elements, to develop  your creativity, your body movement (medicine dance), your touch.   This transformation will be supported by the force of rituals with nature and treatments especially for you (therapeutic massage, Wùo Taï, energy treatments). This trip to the heart of you is a privileged opportunity  for a deep exploration of the different planes of your being (physical, emotional, mental,  energetic, spiritual). During these three days dedicated to you, I put  all  my knowledge at the service of your transformation. This immersion can be individual or in very small groups (4 people maximum). It's up to you to choose what suits you best.  

  • An energy guidance remotely all the time of the accompaniment.  

  • Group coaching  before each new moon.  

  • A private group FB, "the tribe of free, wise, and wild souls"  to support you during your journey and to be able to interact with the other participants of the program. You will be able to connect with a beautiful tribe of souls who share the same values as you.  

  • Privileged access  to my email : A doubt  ? A fear  ? A demotivation  ? A feeling of loss of reference? I am available to give you a fresh perspective, compassionate and confident support for what you are going through at the moment .

You will certainly have understood it, I offer great availability during this program. This is why I only work with a very small group of people to provide support as closely as possible to your needs.

If you feel the call of this adventure to you,

that you are 100% motivated  to commit  in a process of profound transformation,

  that you have the time and the means to dedicate energy to it  

I offer you a DISCOVERY CALL of 45 minutes to bring clarity on your project


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