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Cyclical woman,
regain your creative power

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Reconnect your cycle,


Stop going against the flow,


Live your cyclicality as a powerful lever of creation.


Your link to the feminine cycle is reduced to: 

A succession of upheavals and emotional roller coasters. 

A painful period, pre-menstrual syndrome, irritability that you could do without. 

A non-subject because you don't feel much. 


You have the tendency to makemini burnout, to be in the " TO DO "but you would like to have more space to live your spirituality in your daily life. 

You have started to connect to the sacred feminine but you don't really experience it in your daily life and in your BODY. 

You don't really understand why one day "everything is possible", and one day you are capable of nothing. You have peaks of energy, or big bouts of sluggishness. 

I felt all this for a long time  and then I discovered a new way of living one's femininity: by connecting to one's body, to one's nature and to one's spirituality.


Our feminine cycle is our connection to something greater than ourselves.
He invites us to “do”, from a nourished state of “being”.


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Who am I?

If you don't know me yet, I amNathalie Varlet,healing artist and specialized in re-connecting to one's being thanks to the feminine cycle.  


I wasPhysiospecialized insportst high level. I was on the rugby fields, repairing mastiffs. 

I was surrounded by guys, and for me astrong woman, it should not show itsemotions, it should not be “listened to”. 

I had nosensations linked to mymenstruation : PMS, pain, physical changes etc. The cycle didn't exist for me.


And then I stoppedpill and I discovered asensitivitythat I couldn't master.

Honestly, I found it frankly complicated to be awomenin all its dimensions in thisCompany

I left to travel inancestral tribes in the Amazon where I discovered the link that united the body from woman toearth. It is from these initiations that I chose to learn what nature had offered me, a woman's body with acycle

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Stop functioning on a male model,
reconnect your body, 
and reclaim your feminine power!


Woman has within herself the keys to creation. Hercyclic body is linked to that of thenature

And like nature, it doesn't produce strawberries all year round!

The problem is that theCompany works in one modelinear

We create, we produce every day in the same way, weruns out and we disconnects self...

And it's not everything adapted to our nature (nor to nature in general for that matter...)!


It is not “normal” to suffer during your period. 
It is also not normal to seek to be constant when our body functions cyclically. 
No longer separate your body, your mind and your emotions. 

Your body functions like nature with: 


4 seasons,

4 energies, 

4 intelligences,

4 potentials to develop, 

4 vibrational frequency changes. 

Instead of going through your cycle, reconnect your body and learn to dance with it. its variations of energies, and develops buried potentials. 

I'm telling you about the program. . .
Ancre 1
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The “Cyclic Woman” program is an initiation path to awakening the different planes of one’s being.



For 3 months, you will discover the potentialof  your cycle, and draw on its feminine energies And masculine to find aconsistency in your life.  

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What you will learn and above all PRACTICE: 

Module 2

Observe your cycle.

Create your lunar diagram.

Understanding the linkbetween the cycle and the moon.

Module 3

Understand the plans conscious Andunconsciousof the cycle.

Use the4 intelligences of the cycle.

Co-create with the 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). 

Be thereplanterof its cycle.


Understand the4 energies of the cycle and thevibrational frequency changes

Master thevibration of each phase to develop aburied potential.

Understanding and optimizing energiesYin/Yang.



Understand thedifferent plans ofconsciouse : the Self, the personality, the wounded parts and learning a new inner dialogue. 

Going from drama tocreation of atheater interiorcreative. 



First aid kitpre-menstrual syndrome. 

Tree thinking: 

Auto - Constellationof its interior parts. 

Maneuver thevibrational change and develop itscreativityAndintuition. 


The contemplative phase

Use yin energies to dive into the heart of your beinge. 

Resider his body and define its space. 

Develop yourmedicine of the moons. 

Unit 8


Maneuver thevibrational change and Ddevelop yourcreativity Andintuition. 

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The dynamic phase

Be the captain of your life

Use the liftmasculine energy to create and manifest. 

Female cycle.png


The expressive phase

Develop your communication and its expression in the world

Develop yourself-confidence



Integrate your cycle into your daily life

Planning your cyclical schedule. 

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They were like you . . . 

Laurane Ruaux (alchemist and yoga teacher)

Because the re-connection to the feminine cycle has become one of the most supportive and initiating things in my life currently, and yet I was rather part of the refractory clan...

For my part, the trigger was made, in large part, thanks to the transmissions made by women who had already made the journey within it, and  Nathalie Varlet is one of those women who open the paths...

I can only recommend its support if you wish to activate and form an alliance with these great forces which inhabit you and which become precious companions for a cyclicality rich in multiplicity.

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Cyclical woman, are you ready to join the adventure?

This program will allow you to: 

​Ddevelop your intuition and yourcreativity.  

​Vdrunk yousensitivity like asacred gift

Co-create with thedifferent energiesof the cycle.  

Stop surpassing yourself andreconnect your body.

Reconnect as much as yourfeminine energy thatmasculine.

Have harmonious relationships by knowing how to express yoursensitivity, yourneeds, and yourlimits. 

Enjoy break timesthat will allow you to explode yourcreative potential. 

Loving your cycle, your period and being amultiple woman. 

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Explanatory videos

Practical exercises

MeditationsAndvibrational care

 ZOOM questions and answers

1 time per month

After September 29, 2023

Payment in 3 installments

Payment in 1 installment

Prix après le 31 décembre 2023

PREMIUM formula



Explanatory videos

Practical exercises

MeditationsAndvibrational care

ZOOMquestions and answers .1 time per month

3 INDIVIDUAL COACHINGwith Nathalie Varlet. 

Payment in 3 installments

187 euros per month

Payment in 1 installment

  • Does this course require any prerequisites?
    There are no technical prerequisites to come. It is however necessary to want to dive into a MEDITATIVE approach to subtle movement. It is recommended that you have already done physical practices (yoga, dance, Tai chi, Qi Qong...). The approach that I propose is an invitation to explore the body through inner silence and immobility so that other forms of language emerge. ​
  • Is it necessary to be a professional or a masseur to come to the course?
    Not necessarily. Masseurs, body artists and therapists are welcome but you can also come to develop your presence with subtle movements
  • Will I learn Wùo Taï and be able to practice/transmit it?
    After each course you will have learned a Wùo Taï sequence that I will encourage you to practice as much as possible personally or professionally. To be able to have the basics of Wùo Taï and apply it in your professional activity, it is preferable to do the 3 courses. Depending on the type of activity of the participants, I give advice on how to integrate it into their activity.
  • Are the courses suitable for couples?
    Yes, these courses are suitable for couples. Wùo Taï is a wonderful approach to practice as a couple.
  • Is it possible to stay the night before or after the course?
    Yes, you will need to contact the gîte directly.
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