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Reconnecting the healer within yourself through the wisdom of the rivers

dance ~ cocoa ceremony ~ sacred rituals ~ body art ~ conscious touch ~ excursions  wild 


This retreat is for you if : 

You feel the awakening of the goddess within you and that you wish to vibrate her more powerfully .

You want to develop your connection to the sacred feminine and offer your sensitivity through artistic expression.  

You wish   to dive consciously and deeply into a process of inner transformation to  stimulate new projects related to your true nature.

You have already made a journey of knowing yourself and you wish to radiate your art by being connected to its essence.  ​

Do you perceive a great strength in you, that you feel connected to something bigger than you and you don't know how to express this power?  

You feel in full change of life and that you need to find new inner resources to find new perspectives of life. 

7 days/

6 nights

Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain)

Charming house in the wild north of the island of Ibiza

Arrival of participants

Sunday June 5, 2022 at 4 p.m. 

Departure of participants

Saturday June 11, 2022 at 10 a.m. 


Join 12 women who connect their wisdom, dare to reveal their medicine, offer their magic and vibrate the sacred feminine.

Why did I create this retreat? 

Because I dream of a world where women reclaim their power, express their beauty, vibrate their essence with confidence.  

I deeply believe that the new world will be made by the emergence of initiator of the sacred feminine and sower of wisdom of the earth. 

The world needs awakened women, magicians, healers, guardians of the waters, of the earth, of the fire, of the air. 


It is in the heart of the Drôme that I invite you to reconnect the wisdom of the rivers to:  

  • Reconnect to your body, your emotions, your sensuality, your wisdom, and your healing power. 

  • Reconnect  free woman,  the female artist,  the wild woman, the wise woman, the healer,  the goddess in you. 

  • Connect to this space "who knows", "who feels", "who perceives beyond appearances" and create new visions of yourself.

  • Reconnect to your inner source to create projects related to your true nature.  


By listening to the messages of the river we will explore these themes: 

  • How can I create a deeper connection with nature and feel part of something bigger than me? 

  • How does the river reveal my buried dreams to me, open my vision and give me the confidence to realize them? 

  • What does the river shed light on my way of being touched and of touching? 

  • How do I connect to my inner source to create new projects by following my soul path?

Facts about Menstruation_edited.png

Through the exploration of movement we will navigate between worlds, unearth buried treasures, discover the infinite potential of the body.

We will immerse ourselves in the richness of nature to encounter new forms of language, new access doors to the expression of unsuspected parts of our Being.


In a simple, clean, functional, comfortable and rudimentary old forest house.

I chose this gite particularly because it is located right next to two sublime rivers.

You will stay there in small double, triple, quadruple rooms, sometimes with bunk beds, with their own toilet and bathroom.

No possibility of a single room.


The meals will be vegetarian, simple and healthy. Laurane will coordinate the kitchen and in small teams of volunteers we will cook together every day. 

PAYMENT BEFORE June 16, 2022 
(for the first 4 registered)

385 euros

Accommodation + meals: 175 euros

Accompaniment: 210 euros




Accommodation + meals: 175 euros

Accompaniment: 300 euros


For more information and to know the booking conditions click below.


What Nathalie offered me is what the earth offered me!

Nathalie Page, companion in the awakening of the feminine

"When I contacted Nathalie I needed to reconnect with the land.

Nathalie has a very connected presence and that she physically experiences the connection with the earth. She led me to reconnect to capacities within me by putting me in physical contact (and beyond) with the energy of the water and the river.


The river came to speak to me and I was able to speak to the river, today it is part of me. Nathalie melts, starts moving like a plant and what Nathalie offered me is what the earth offered me.


I still vibrate!


What it allowed me was to feel connected to the presence of the earth to make it a transmission tool.


I have been practicing women's rituals for a long time.

Today I integrate the connection to land and water as a real support tool when I support women. I recommend his accompaniment which is a journey, an exploration and above all I recommend his presence."

riviere drome_edited.jpg

   Do you feel the call of this riverside retreat and have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be delighted to answer you

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