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The art of healing movement

An exploration of theawarenessthrough subtle movement. 

A journey of exploration of FREEDOM through a bodily movement that connects, that heals, that creates.

“Feeling” course: July 27/29, 2023
“Perceiving” course: December 15/17, 2023

“Discern” course: March 22, 23, 24, 2024

Verdelot (Seine and marne)

1 hour from Paris

The course "The art of healing movement " is a path to awakening one's deep nature through bodily awareness. 

The course includes 3 courses of 3 days to allow you to encounter the different parts of the Self and to open up to the connection to subtle worlds through the body. 


Possibility of doing all 3 courses or coming independentlyent at each internship. 

This course includes 3 stages: 


Chiaki Sato (Couverture d’événement Facebook) (1).png

Course 1 FEEL 

Ground yourself, rediscover your connection to the body and the earth to develop your ability to feel. 

Live, define your esbodily and energetic space. 

wuo tai.png

Course 02 Perceive 

Perceiving it is the inclusion of all feelings. 

Develop your ability to expand your feelings to develop your relationship to the subtle worlds. 

From a sharp feeling, a firm anchor, we begin to open the field of perceptions and the vision of the eagle. 

Feet on the ground, head in the stars, we navigate through different fields of consciousness. 


Course 3 : Discern 

Once the doors of perception are opened, one must learn to navigate and relate to the information field.

If you are not FULLY present to yourself, what you capture will be disrupted by numerous artifacts. 

Discernment lies in the ability to be present to Self while perceiving beyond.

02 Perceive

You will learn to inhabit your space,

fall, doubt,

get up, accept perdition,

no longer understand anything, deconstruct,

to build,

surrender to the silence of movement,

open yourself to receive,

learn by feeling.

From the small infinity to the large infinity you will develop your relationship with the subtle worlds thanks to the connection to the body. 

We will navigate between a physical approach (sometimes intense, plan to wear sports clothing) and more sensitive and subtle approaches. 

We will explore the archetypes of animal movements through the practices of "primitive flow" to descend little by little into the silent exploration of the world of fascia with the practice of Wùo Taï.

From oneself to the other or from the other to oneself we will navigate and dance at the heart of sensitive movement. 

Learn more about Wùo Taï: HERE

flyer the way of the body (8).png

It's for you if: 

  • You are a professional in care (massage, therapist,) or body art and you want to enrich your practice with a subtle approach.

  • You want to develop the art of subtle movement and for it to be a guidance in your life.

  • You want to develop your extra-sensory abilities through an approach that allows you to discern them.

  • You need to find your connection to the body because you have aannoying tendency to dissociate. 

  • You want to learn Wùo Taï to practice it professionally (or not). ​

  • You have individual practices (tai chi, yoga, dance) and you would like to explore this art of movement in relationships with others. 

  • You tend to get caught up in a flurry of emotions and you need to develop your presence. 

wuo tai (2).png

What this retreat can bring you:

  • Learning a new form of connection to oneself, to others, to subtle worlds.

  • A bodily approach that is both technical and above all sensitive, which breaks all mental patterns and which invites an inner dance capable of rewriting the patterns of the unconscious.

  • To develop your ability to listen and be receptive to the information contained in each movement

  • By developing your sensitive magic you will discover how to let yourself be overcome by a dance of gesture that comes from elsewhere.

  • A Wùo Taï sequence that you can add to your practical treatments..


Course 1: FEEL 𓆃 July 27, 28, 29, 2023 

Course 2: PERCEIVE 𓆃 December 15,  16, 17, 2023

Course 3 : DISCERN 𓆃 upcoming dates

wuo tai (1).png




Registration before October 28: 300 euros

Registration after October 28: 350 euros;


  • 2 nights in a shared room for 3 to 5 people: 80 euros

  • 2 nights in a single room (1 person): 130 euros. 

  • 2 nights in a double room (2 people): 180 euros (i.e. 90 euros / person)

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 100 euros. 


Marie and Dominique will welcome us to the magnificent gîte "le magnolia" in a green setting in Seine et Marne, 1 hour from Paris.


The lodge is accessible by train from the Gare de l'Est.

(Nogent l’Artaud station 20 minutes by car)


Participants will be linked for carpool options. 

The lodge is a place of rejuvenation where you can choose different accommodation options (individual or shared rooms). 


Meals will be self-catering. A fully equipped kitchen will be at your disposal at the cottage.

Bring your prepared meals or food to cook at the lodge.

A small grocery store is accessible 5 minutes by car in the village (basic shopping)

Do you have any questions? 

Testimony of Alexia Barré

Sophrologist, energetician

Testimony Valérie Tsun Val



Magical experience to feel my tensions and energy blockages being crossed by Nathalie's healing movement. 
I am very grateful for her love, healing magic, patience, gentleness and professionalism.
Nathalie's healing art is not limited to a massage, it is a multidimensional experience that works on all aspects: physical, emotional, energetic and more...
This is a session where I reconnected with my inner child, bringing to light my darkness and my old memories.
Thank you for leading the way in my healing process through the magic of Wùo Taï with lots and lots of love. Thank you Natalie!!

Francesco Barberini

Thai masseur

manual therapist


I still smile at the idea of this moment experienced during a Wuo Tai discovery workshop. I retain a great presence to myself and an invitation to drop me while welcoming the drop of a partner. The impression of myself massaging myself, of taking care of myself, by extending another's body. An atmosphere of fusion, of a suspended time in which the limits have merged. THANKS !

Fabrice Joly

art therapist

  • For the monthly subscription, do I have to start at the beginning of the month?
    You can take out the monthly subscription whenever you want. The subscription lasts for one month from the moment you make the payment. For 4 weeks, you have access to one course per week and access to online practices.
  • Does this course require any prerequisites?
    There are no technical prerequisites to come. It is however necessary to want to dive into a MEDITATIVE approach to subtle movement. It is recommended that you have already done physical practices (yoga, dance, Tai chi, Qi Qong...). The approach that I propose is an invitation to explore the body through inner silence and immobility so that other forms of language emerge. ​
  • If I register for a course, when can I do it?
    When you take the option for a course, you have access to the course the following Monday.


Do you have any questions? 


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