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During the retreat in Ibiza, what we created and experienced all together was not only the beginnings of a flight but also the creation of a powerful vortex between us which amazes me every day since our return!

Many changes have occurred in my life following this week of deconditioning, awareness and awakening to the energy of creation and the inner goddess that we all are.

As soon as I arrived in the house, I felt at home, in no way worried about the course of this week, observing your reassuring presence, mastering all situations and leaving all the ballast necessary for the expression of each one in a properly established framework, such as an amazon on her horse.

I liked the moments of silence. I liked that we could take our meal alone or with others, without any conventions, that we could change places. I liked that we held back from giving our opinion to others or from consoling them, that everyone did not vomit their problems to others... I liked that you left us and encouraged us to BE in our presence and our individuality within a group. Coming from a large family with heavy and pompous protocols, I felt breathed and respected and you helped me to set the limits that I have so much trouble setting for myself which very often lets me invade.

The ceremonies, the rituals, the scents, the elements, the photos, brought so much extra magic and connection to the whole, supporting this journey of flight with the greatest gentleness and compassion. Lauranne and her food also had a big impact on my energy. His food, like yours, has become a fundamental need in my balance. The evening with Paz touched me deeply. This woman is "hypnotizing" with her grace and her energy.

You cannot know in advance what will be the teaching that each one will receive in the retreats that you will organize. Like "The Chariot" in the tarot cards, you hold the queens with ease and mastery, without control. You knew perfectly how to be in this presence and such is one of your many magics.

Through the photos I saw myself radiant as ever, I observed the beauty of each movement of life, of each gesture, of each person, of the magic of each and everything.

All this does not deceive on the state of the soul!


When I landed I felt like I had grown 50 cm!!! how beautiful it is to be a goddess!!

Participant of the retreat. 


Thank you Nathalie for your heart medicine, sincere, authentic and wild.

You have this gift of transmitting with humility and wisdom what you yourself have gone through and integrated.

The spaces you open are powerful healing vortices.


Thank you for being this circle guardian who, by her simple presence, has given me authorization and confidence in my own medicine.

See you soon hermana. 

Alice Morgan,

Healing artist, shamanist practitioner

“Nathalie allowed me to contact the eagle in me, my masculine part which was not balanced with the feminine and which until then prevented me from taking action. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Thalie has this gift of connecting you to your inner Being through Mother Nature. Truly a very beautiful experience that I highly recommend. " ​


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"A session with Nathalie is to discover a new approach to massage and care. A bubble. A moment of well-being where time is suspended. Nathalie welcomes us into her world with all her kindness and attentiveness. A beautiful moment for oneself which I wholeheartedly recommend.”


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