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Wùo Tai

"Wùo Taï is the art of giving what we receive


to receive what we give. "  

Roland Combes

  In Wùo Taï,  we turn our backs on  

what we know, what we believe, what we want.  

More than a simple bodywork, the Wùo Taï is a poetry of movement, an adventure of the mind that skilfully combines the precise and therapeutic world of osteopathy, the subtle and intuitive world of dance, the wisdom of Thai massage. and martial arts.

It is a discipline which is practiced with two people on the ground on a mat. Wùo taï is a way of plunging into the world of fascia and joints by dancing with its tissue to discover a new way of touching and healing.

The practice is based on precise physiological knowledge. Wùo Tai dances around 6 spheres: the articular system, the myofascial, the visceral (organs), the deep fascia, structural (spine) and energetic (meridians). The Wùo Taï breaks all mental patterns and invites the practitioner to an osteopathic dance capable of rewriting the paterns of the unconscious. The elliptical motion  spreads like a wave that releases  blockages and opens up new interior spaces.


Explorer at heart, Wùo Taï allows me to combine different therapeutic paths and  to guide through the subtle worlds of the different bodily structures.  

How to discover the Wùo Taï?

  • Wùo Taï and sacred feminine retreat

    • This retreat is aimed at masseurs, body arts professionals, yogics, dancers, body movement lovers who wish to discover a subtle approach to care through movement. Through the practice of Wùo Taï we will explore how to enter into conversation the fascias and explore the worlds that inhabit them. The connection to our feminine energy will allow us to develop our capacity for listening, receptivity and openness to new forms of energetic dance.  By developing our sensitive magic we will discover how to let ourselves be crossed by a dance of gesture that comes to us from elsewhere. The teaching will have two stages: the first stage will be technical. I would teach specific positions which will be the basic structure of the movement. Secondly, through inspired meditative guidance, I will accompany you to follow your own flow, to follow the intuition of movement, to come into contact with the subtle worlds. The approach is both technical but above all sensitive. I talk about it in video here: video "Wùo taï and sacred feminine  "

      • Belgium: October 1, 2, 3, 2021 Info and reservations: Victoria Boels: +32 494 65 35 60 Possibility of individual treatment on September 30 by reservation

    • Geneva: September 4, 5, 2021  Info  and reservation, LLudmia: +  41 79 590 17 06 or Possibility of individual treatment on September 3 by reservation.  

  • In  individual care of Wùo Taï

    • In September / October / November 2021 in Ibiza

    • August 2021 in Drôme

Do you want to organize a Wùo Taï internship? Are you organizing a festival?  

Do not hesitate to contact me, I have a few dates left in 2021 and 2022.  I travel all over the world with great joy in transmitting the magic of Wùo Taï.  




I did a Wuo Tai session with Nathalie in Ibiza and it was magic ✨ I didn't know what to expect beforehand as I'd never done it before - but I loved it! Nathalie creates a very special safe space and is a very talented practitioner. I did the session while pregnant and she was able to adapt no problems. I left feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated. Would highly recommend !!


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