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In suspension


August 27, 28, 29, 2024

December 20, 21, 22, 2024

1 hour from Paris

L'art du mouvement guérisseur

inscription suspension

The “SUSPENSION ” courses have a laboratory feel:

we'll try it without ever really knowing what we'll find.

What is certain is that we are going to go into unexplored areas.

It will pulse, sweat, twirl, forget itself,

fall, shake, dance, play, communicate without speaking.

I guarantee times when things will get a little stuck... to come and clear deserted areas.

Without ever forgetting to have a good laugh!!

Pensées vagabondes.png

The “suspended spaces” are interstices so delicate that we can forget to linger there…

Into these spaces there is an infinite richness, an invitation to explore our body, our relationships, our environment.

In this course you are very focused on yourself while being completely in touch with others and the space.

Until it becomes space…

and let yourself be danced by space.



the other,

the other in itself,

self in the other,

it's full of themes that we're going to explore

without ever thinking about them

( I insist, we are not going to elaborate on concepts, we are going to practice! ).

I will offer you lots of practice in 2, 3, in a herd to synchronize and to remember that we all have two feet but that we are not nickel-plated feet.

The courses are entirely composed of a bodily approach:

Fascia Move
Desynchronized movement,
contact dance, somatic movement, animal flow.

During these courses, no fuss, no blabla, we go down into the body,

that's all and it's a lot.


Did I tell you it’s going to be physical?

Bring your shorts and your best tank top, we'll take off the character,

we turn into a toad

and we destroy the ego.

The little extra of the course...

I will take you for an extraordinary practice time in an exceptional garden,

where nature, humans and art become one.

I won't tell you more because it can be experienced, but our exploration of the body will broaden to interconnection with the multitude of forms that nature offers us.

From the body to the landscape,

from the landscape to the body,

let yourself breathe through your eyes,

and become a landscape body..

Where will we stay?

Marie and Dominique will welcome us to the magnificent gîte "le magnolia" in a green setting in Seine et Marne, 1 hour from Paris.


The lodge is accessible by train from the Gare de l'Est.

(Nogent l’Artaud station 20 minutes by car)


Participants will be linked for carpool options.

The lodge is a place of healing where you can choose different accommodation options depending on availability (individual or shared rooms).

They talk about it. . .

Julie's testimony

Coach, pilates and nutrition

Marina's testimony

singing teacher

Testimony of Alexia Barré( French )

Sophrologist, energetician

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1h from Paris


August 27, 28, 29, 2024

(course starts at 2 p.m.)

December 20, 21, 22, 2024

(course starts at 3 p.m.)  

If you work, you can arrive in the evening.

Contact me before to see the organization.


French with possible translation in english

inscription paris




  • For the August course:

Registration before July 17, 2024 : 300 euros

(only for the first 5 registered)

Registration after July 17, 2024 : 350 euros

  • For the December internship

Registration before October 28 , 2024 : 300 euros

(only for the first 5 registered)

Registration after October 28, 2024 : 350 euros


  • 2 nights in a shared room for 3 to 5 people: 90 euros

  • 2 nights in a single room (1 person): 130 euros.

  • 2 nights in a double room (2 people): 220 euros (i.e. 110 euros/person)

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 80 euros.


Meals will be independent (NOT INCLUDED in the price).

A fully equipped kitchen will be at your disposal at the cottage.

Bring your prepared meals or food to cook at the cottage.

There is the idea of a continuity of exploration between the two stages.

You can come to both courses or come to each one independently .

Even if you didn't come in August, you are welcome in December.

Small clarification: all my courses are MIXED and with no age limit.

Design sans titre (3)_edited_edited.jpg

I participated in Nathalie's fascia movement course.

Thanks to a set of techniques and tools, Nathalie allowed me to feel my presence, to explore my body, its supports, its movement.


In the duo practices offered, non-intrusive, the other is a benevolent support to let go of oneself.


Inner movement emerges effortlessly. And as a bonus my back pain disappeared at the end of the first day!


I only wanted one thing at the end of the course... to start again!!

Thank you Nathalie for sharing this, and your presence.


There is prerequisites ?

There are NO technical prerequisites.

It is not necessary to be a professional or a masseur

( if you are , welcome anyway!)

It is preferable to have experience in physical practices

(yoga, Tai chi, Qi qong, dance, martial arts, pilates...) but it is not obligatory.

The art of healing movement is a SOMATIC approach that opens the field of sensory worlds .

If you are a yoga practitioner, masseur, therapist, body arts professional, this course can give you complementary tools to your practice.

If you have any doubts or questions, write to me.

You have questions ?

Ask me your questions by email and I will answer you.

I suggest a short call if you have never been to one of my courses.

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