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Wùo Taï :
Massage in motion

Wùo Taï is a poetry of movement,

an adventure of the mind that combines

the therapeutic world of osteopathy,

the subtle world of dance,

the wisdom of Thai massage and martial arts.

A Wùo Taï session is for you if you have:


Back pain

Low back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica,




Energy drop

Mental overload

and emotional

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Accident / Surgery


Carpal tunnel syndrome,

Cruciate ligaments, painful shoulders

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Postural imbalance

Muscle tension

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Disconnected from your body

and you need a somatic approach

How does a Wùo Taï session go?

The patient is completely passive and reconnects with his body through a moving massage.


Listening to the micro-mobilities of the fascia allows you to enter into conversation with the body and contact an elliptical movement which propagates like a wave and releases blockages.

The session takes place comfortably dressed (joggings, leggings) on a futon on the floor, accompanied by music.


The benefits of a Wùo Taï session:

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Relief from physical pain

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Relaxation, stress release, mental clarity


Emotional release and memories of the past

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Postural and energetic rebalancing


Re-connection to your body

and to his being

Highly therapeutic, this fascia dance is a

paradigm shift in mental structures,

it is an invitation to enter into an osteopathic dance,

able to rewrite subconscious patterns.

Book your Wùo Taï session


Sessions available in Ibiza,
Aix en Provence.



Magical experience of feeling my tensions and energy blockages crossed by Nathalie's healing movements .

Nathalie's art of healing is not limited to a massage , it is a multidimensional experience that works on all aspects:

physical, emotional, energetic and more...

Thank you for paving the way for my healing process through the magic of Wùo Taï with lots and lots of love.

Thank you Nathalie! "

Francesco Barberini

Professional masseur

My skills

I'm specialized in fascia medicine, using my 15 years of clinical experience to help patients rediscover coherence in their lives. 


My background: 


  • Diploma in sports physiotherapy (10 years' experience in top-level sport, Olympic champions, training centers...) 

  • Diploma in orthopaedic manual therapy (Maitland)

  • Diploma in coherent movement and systemic therapy (founded by Berni Garcia) 

  • Training in Hatha yoga, Wùo Taï, energy school (Eivissa), non-violent communication. 

  • Physiotherapist and creator of meditation, yoga and sophrology workshops in prisons. 

  • Initiated into Amazonian shamanic medicine. 

  • Creator of the Art of Healing Movement and the practice of Fascia Movement. 

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